What is Obesity Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery or as it is known as Obesity Surgery is the general name of interventions made to the digestive system to reduce the food intake capacity of the stomach and/or to reduce nutrient absorption in order to reach the ideal weight of obese and obesity patients.

It is not possible to talk about a single method or a single direct method in surgical intervention. Although the patients have come together on a common denominator in terms of weight, the situation of each body is unique. When determining a surgical method; The correct method is determined based on many factors such as the general condition of the patient, body mass index, and existing diseases.

As HealMe Turkey; we use state-of-the-art medical devices and systems in the field of Bariatric Surgery to analyze patient needs in the best way and to ensure that our patients meet with the right treatment.


Obesity; It is a disease that is increasingly seen all over the world, is described as the “disease of the age” and can cause life-threatening problems.


It is a comprehensive approach method because of diet and exercise, the only effective technical methods, making use of effective methods and losing weight.

After Surgery

In order for all bariatric surgery applications to be successful in the long term; After bariatric surgery, patients should adopt healthy nutrition and regular exercise as a lifestyle and implement permanent healthy changes in their lives.

I lost 100 lbs in 5 months and now I have the body and health I want. I would like to thank the HealmeTurkey team and my doctor for a new life. Everything was perfect.
Darya Lima— Gastric sleeve surgery

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